She embraced realness.

Artist: Antonio Mora

Artist: Antonio Mora

The braided twist of her hair was more likely a twist seeking love and compassion. The quest flowed from her heart center. The scars that brought her this far were a deep chasm of penetrating shame.

She no longer tried to push it aside.

Her feelings relinquished on the rocky beaches of her soul unfolded continuously and astonished her as she walked along the quiet deserted coast. She rode the waves of an immense sea and for ages was struck on the battered edge of an endless barrier reef.

Her stories were rarely spoken, but lived in secret cells of memories unknowingly waiting to be released; a safe net of liberation is hard to discern when lies were perpetuated, like broken shells.

She discovered tiny coves of respite to heal and transform the shadowy bluffs delineating the coastal past into fortitude and veracity.

Time had lapsed as her feelings shimmered on the current calm of the sea’s setting sunlight and the feel of the rise of the moon on a cloudy night.

She embraced the realness, no longer shunned her feelings and began to believe her stories had a voice; her voice was heard as the chapters eroded the tarnished misgivings into gifts.

Each painful undertaking to untwist the twisted messages astonished and gratefully assisted in her journey through some inconceivable, dark uncharted sea voyages.


About Carolyn Riker

A creative explorer using the magic of imagination, surfing the sea of understanding and finding bridges to connect it all.
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