Damn those fears and still we succeed.

Artist: Minjae Lee

Artist: Minjae Lee

Dear goddess and gods, sisters and brothers:

We have night dreams and daydreams and we swim between the two. It’s a mysterious bridge to absorb and step into. We see and hear the unusual and feel the chasms and ride high and low peaks.

Creativity is a channel of quarks and an endless current of seeing our shadows in our light.

Sometimes, we get caught in heaviness of hurt, pain and grief; we close our eyes and breathe accepting our fears and emotions are many. They visit with such regularity, we add a dinner plate and fluff a pillow for each at night.

Damn those fears that we fight and still they teach us to run less. Speak out more. To stop hiding and step deeper into the sea of what ifs and what nots. To feel the race of heart and rise of sweat circling its disorientation and allure.

And still we believe, dear god/dess, we can and will get through whatever it is.

Life is not static even when the morning is quieter than nightfall and songbirds have yet to sing. Life remains breathing, moving, dancing, and singing whether solemn or joyful, melancholy or upbeat.

We will find that normalcy is a charade. We will see that life is brimming on the edges of a raindrop and energy constantly swarms.

However we step, shyly or gregariously into it all, the invitation welcomes us to the party; the celebration of Being who we are and what we can and cannot see is part of this mysterious journey.

It unfolds as it needs to be…
and there’s always, always, always meaning and hope in it all.

I have to believe because this is my dream.

In kindness and respect ~ Carolyn

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About Carolyn Riker

A creative explorer using the magic of imagination, surfing the sea of understanding and finding bridges to connect it all.
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