When will the violence end?

c5fdf6330e18543a812b7062e4b7d12d“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our nation is in a perverse rage against each other. Guns, violence, political lies, massacres, racial, sexual, religious and gender discrimination. We have wasted more arguments over syntax and continue to step over our dead.

“He said, she said” and more finger pointing rather than taking action.

Understandably, when we are angry and hurt, we might yell and scream or say nothing at all. Sometimes we need to walk away from people or situations draining our core. When our heart isn’t on the right path; we might cough and sputter and agonize. We feel conflicted and that’s actually a ‘good’ thing. We might try to make sense of the inconsistencies; the double messages received get twisted in a yes-but-no-war.

It’s a deep breathless punch to our gut’s awakening. I believe we need to feel the pain of our brothers and sisters; I can no longer ignore.

It’s time to shake the rafters of complacency. What doesn’t feel right, isn’t. There’s a cognitive-emotional dissonance for a reason and these persistent daily reminders in our nation are challenging us to take a stand.

And as we get stronger with our personal convictions, my dream is more will shout, “Stop and No More!”

And we’ll ask our self: “Is this justice or more lies? How can I make a difference?”

We know the answers are coiled at the base of our heart, just waiting to be set free. Avoidance won’t shimmy out this sage advice.

Concentric circles of vibrant celebration happen when we honor and support and take a stand for what we believe.

The time is now.


About Carolyn Riker

A creative explorer using the magic of imagination, surfing the sea of understanding and finding bridges to connect it all.
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2 Responses to When will the violence end?

  1. Thought-provoking. It’s great that you’ve chosen not to ignore. The world needs more attentive souls, and more believers in the power of words, and more advocates for the power of sharing those words. Thank you for the beautiful words.

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