Ethnicity enriches the tapestry of humanity.

Street Art: From Up North

Street Art: From Up North

Diversity is golden. The beige blandness of banality needs the beautiful eccentricity of our uniqueness. Skin color adds richness. Ethnicity enriches the tapestry of humanity. We need love and acceptance and much less rejection. Peace is lacking. Our society is exploding with hate. Respect isn’t happening. Our alleged leaders discriminate.

The ‘right’ to vote, is seen as an imposition. White supremacy spouts racial acid on our history’s nation. We shelter the wealthy and banish the poor; it’s killing our collective soulfulness. Our children are taught to hide under desks to wait for the next gunman’s blast; gun control is a sick, nasty war.

Recognizing our indigenous ancestry is a start but let’s forgo the ‘happy’ and instead let’s acknowledge the genocide committed. And it didn’t end there. The rancid blood bath lead to Black men and women into slavery all led by white patriarchal bigotry.

Let’s stop displacing and blaming and shaming the less fortunate. Pity sucks. Let’s rebuild self-esteem and teach respect. Our jobs differ and each is essential and necessary. The misuse of power, fame and control erodes the ability to believe and regain. Blacks Lives Matter doesn’t mean all lives don’t; let’s act upon our beliefs & treated each other as equals.

Diversity is golden.


About Carolyn Riker

A creative explorer using the magic of imagination, surfing the sea of understanding and finding bridges to connect it all.
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