A stand against racism.

From up North

Up North

Let’s stand strong. Hands touching the hearts against racism. We will NOT, and cannot be silenced. Voices of truth, over the malice of evil segregation. Let’s talk to each other. Keep the dialogues open. Even on days when we feel discouraged it is paramount to clip the snarled tangle of fears. It’s a lie and a soul-binding cry. Let’s tell it, “STOP!” Listen! And feel!

We know truth is at the tip of the edges of heart. Let’s see beyond the ranks of toxic political BS. Let’s take steps together onto the platform of ‘We [ARE] the People.’ I am. You are. WE are ONE. We bleed shades of crimson life’s blood.

I will not follow the crowd of a homogenized ordinary. I believe in a deep, soul-fulfilling democracy for all. Let’s touch into the palette and shades of skin. Let’s bow in respect and raise our arms in a loud, Shalom! Allah! Amen! The gods and goddess are of many. We are each intelligent and divine.

Let’s turn the faucet on to our talents and let the uniqueness fill our starved souls with the sound of unity. The borders erased by the song of peace. Let the political preponderance of said, patriarchal hit an Alt-Ctrl-Del and cease such hatred, blame and violence. Let’s stand side by side, arms interlocked into a paradox of rebellious freedom, respect and above all — LOVE.


About Carolyn Riker

A creative explorer using the magic of imagination, surfing the sea of understanding and finding bridges to connect it all.
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