My Superhero: Procrastination!

Lena Revenko

Artist: Lena Revenko ( inner family portrait: Anxiety, Self-Doubt, Procrastination & Worry. Dressed as rabbits & Princess Leia & a Fox.)

Hi. My name is Carolyn and I’m addicted to a number of things. Facebook for starters. It’s akin to crack (no judging. just guessing). I ferret around and get lost in its wormholes. It’s fascinating at first until I start having conversations with myself. I scare my cat. My eyes get glassy. Comment sections start to have a 4-D effect on me. One link leads to the next. I LOVE reference sections of an article. However it gets weird. I’m trapped in an endless web of “Why the hell did I comment? I should have said that better! Where was that comment, article, video? I need to edit, change, rephrase…..”

{{{{POOF}}}} It was only a dream. Or was it?

My other issue. It’s feverish. All consuming. End-of-the-earth-Death-Valley-ish. Please meet my super hero: Procrastination!!

We go everywhere as I ride an eco-savvy-lavender-wand fueled with Anxiety, Self-Doubt and Worry. You might think, “Wow that’s so cool!! However it is more like a paralyzed-sloth. Sentences get lost in Death Valley. Mountains start kicking my (ass) thoughts. “Over here!! Start this!! No. Start that!!! Edit. This-is-not-good-enough. Let’s Netflix!! No. Clean-the-potty. Zone. Zone. Zone. Why did you write that? Eat. No. Write. No…..”

Procrastination = Kryptonite. So I try to fix it by attending my imaginary Overachievers Anonymous Group. This gets sticky because I can never do enough and it should have been better and all those perky rules, like “No one is perfect. And it’s awesome to make mistakes (yay team!)” start to hurt. Raw rubbing truth: I royally fail frequently because I get caught in a tailspin (love that word. I see whales) and think: “I should have done {{x, y, z}} better; read one more book or finish reading the 5 (I like the number 5 also 3 and 7) I have started.” Then I realize I’m really lousy at curbing overachieving and I-feel-terrible. [Full stop. Face plant into pillows.]

Consequently a humongous magnet pulls me into the pantry-portal-of-procrastination and I find a bag of chips. Munch. Crunch. Munch. “Oh no, I’m getting too fat. Why didn’t I pick something healthy?” See how endless this is!?!?

Nugget of real: Love always. Breathe deeply. Daydream often. ~ Carolyn



About Carolyn Riker

A creative explorer using the magic of imagination, surfing the sea of understanding and finding bridges to connect it all.
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