Not much was said

Toni Demuro

Artist: Toni Demuro

Sometimes we need space within the space of another….

My daughter and I, late last night, both had our reasons as we ceremoniously reached for large bowls.

Ice-cream followed.

Personal comforting toppings rested on each mound of cold but warmish in a sweet, nostalgic fulfilling way.

Not much was said but for the occasional arm-brushing-eye-soft-look  — we really, really need this.

We walked in an arch to our quotation marked spaces of nestled squirrel-like nests.

Blankets, pillows – me with books, laptop nearby, sheets of notes, phone, papers, pens.

Her with her phone and several TV “clickers,” lined in a row.

Still not much said.

Yet it was a comfort to be together like bookends. The space between was filled with a knowing and not full of questioning.

Sometimes we need space within the space of another.

It’s an anchor to keep from floating.


About Carolyn Riker

A creative explorer using the magic of imagination, surfing the sea of understanding and finding bridges to connect it all.
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