Late Night’s and Words.

Alex Garant

Artist: Alex Garant

It’s the indigo of soul, raking fingers over words with the sight of an observer yet squeezing a pulse riddled beneath time. Sometimes I get lost remembering what day is overexposed sentimental parabola. I can re-taste the awkward laced aches, cadence of surreal and honeycombed sea spray of tears.

How did the years of late nights stretched feverishly pairing letters into words with only a lamp holding my hand through the sand dunes of my eternal?

Life’s shadows are poetically hammered reflexively through the insights transfixed in my evolutionary tomorrows.

“Keep going,” stabs endless and my thoughts fly over the tracks piercing my fingers; I’m thrown from the jetties into a monstrous avalanche — self-doubt and harpooned worries crush the air escaping intimately from skull’s breath.

I turn the page from a riff of music — black ink dipped notes add buoyancy — a smashed cacophony is sounded from minor to major. Key changes soothe the pressure of critical introspective sharpness.

Some words get stuck at the record’s throat – it’s a black hole. That static ridge of knowing it will never be perfect — let the words go and start again at a Thrush’s song of morning.

Carolyn Riker | Artist: Alex Garant


About Carolyn Riker

A creative explorer using the magic of imagination, surfing the sea of understanding and finding bridges to connect it all.
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