My Skin Color was Born Privileged.


Photo: Source Getty Pictures

Many recently felt the insidious behaviors of an open, gashing universal sore. Acknowledging those visceral feels were and are so real. The ones that punch from afar; harnessed triggers of intimidation, manipulation, control, anger and threats. These are strategic distractions to keep me-you-us off balance. Vile smokescreens are inconsistent boundaries. I know for sure because I’ve seen this behavior and lived through it before. Some sort of cellular vibrations gets activated: a tsunami of soul’s hell unleashes earth bent scars.

All of me and those feels were punctured in the ventricle of my heart. It is an alarm to not lose focus on what really matters. Watch. Be vigilant. Protect. Speak out. I heard the trees grow through me repeating a mantra: “Safe. Safe. Safe. Let it be that way for all people.” It’s the voice-speak of my inner shore.

I’m not here to rescue. I’m here to stand for what I believe. Next to and with. By the sides of those not seen or heard. I understand the real – the soul break of rejection. We are not “them-way-over-there” We are one. United in this world to change a war waged for centuries on racism. Where different is NOT deemed impossible. Racism reeks from the superiority of blind whiteness. My skin color was birthed with privileges and I’ll use it to better this world.

My vote is to stitch the ripped seams of a systemic racial divide. To honor diversity for its richness and color of heart. To uplift education with deepest conviction. To protect the sacred lands of our forefathers – the Native Americans. To respect the prayers of gods and goddesses of all religions and spiritual nature of humankind. You see, I have this heart thing going on. It slips through my eyes and extends to the sea. And again, that makes me cry because I truly believe I am you and you are me.

~ Much love & respect, Carolyn



About Carolyn Riker

A creative explorer using the magic of imagination, surfing the sea of understanding and finding bridges to connect it all.
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