Cycle of Violence and Trump


Artist: Sophia Bonati

The other day, I wrote an analogy to someone about Trump. I said something along the lines:

Trump’s racism is likened to domestic violence, incest and sexual abuse. What happens behind millions of closed doors and kept silent because of shame, fear, manipulation, bullying, power and control has now been brought outside the threshold. The seemingly bulletproof and soundproof walls are now glass and it’s shattered.

There’s three major phases in the cycle of violence: Tension, Violence and the Honeymoon period. To me the presidential election felt like we were subjected to an abnormally highly amount of Tension and Violence. For example, in the Violence stage crimes were committed when Trump adamantly repudiated the rights of gays, threatened people of color, Muslims, Native Americans, Latinos as well as those disabled. He lied to underprivileged whites and promised to ‘Make America Great.’ He slandered President Obama, incited riots and continued from city to city with hate-speeches. The second debate, in particular, he publically stalked, badgered and threatened the life of his opponent.

We are now sort of in the Honeymoon phase where he’s less vocal and conceded on a few of his agenda items but we are a far cry from this being over.

It’s all quickly approaching, if not already into the Tension phase where it can feel like walking on eggshells and waiting for the other shoe to hit. The cycle will repeat but what makes it ‘BIG, HUGE’ is it is not just him – he has supporters such as the KKK and regular people, who now feel it is their right to be equally and publically as abusive.

We are seeing and feeling it on such an intense deep level, sleep is disrupted, nightmares have returned, PTSD, flashbacks, safety is in question so safety pins are trying to put some at ease. Some are in prayer, others are looking the other way — in hope all of those ‘Nasty Women’ will go away.

This isn’t going away. Marches and protests are happening daily.

To keep me going, I meditate and read and write poetry; it is my first language. I also listen to nature and music and find focus in candles.  I’m also strategizing ways not to rescue anyone but to be a better ally. I am supporting the psychological and emotional processes because there isn’t a ‘right way’ to cope.

Lastly, my purpose as a white-American-privileged-middle-class-woman, says, “Fuck this shit!” I stand with and for the rights of LGBTQIA, people of color (brown, black and all the shades in between, under and over). I stand with and for my Native American friends, Jewish, Muslims, Asians, those with disabilities.

BTW, I can sort of ‘thank’ Trump because now with his corrupt leadership approaching the helm, I can see just how much work needs to be done.



About Carolyn Riker

A creative explorer using the magic of imagination, surfing the sea of understanding and finding bridges to connect it all.
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2 Responses to Cycle of Violence and Trump

  1. Louisa says:

    Carolyn you are amazing. You’re writing I feel in every cell…..all from the heart ..I see you beautiful xxx


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