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I am Bresha Meadows, are you?

Amazing and powerful article. It’s not an easy read because of its contents but it’s real. Please take a few minutes. Written by Taylar Nuevelle. Advertisements

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Moonlight Soul

On parted lips of moonscape night her supple sojourn beckons midnight A golden brush plunged round with sea her canvas swells segue to haunting harmonies Wave splashed tendrils orchestrate succulent shivers and shoulders splayed while bare heart quenches the blades … Continue reading

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Depression speaks.

Originally posted on Magic of Stardust and Words:
Photography: Peter Nijenjuis He would ask, “What’s up?” I’d reply, “Not much.” He would laugh and joke, understandably uncomfortable with the slate of silence. But I’ve shared before and these words go…

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My Skin Color was Born Privileged.

Many recently felt the insidious behaviors of an open, gashing universal sore. Acknowledging those visceral feels were and are so real. The ones that punch from afar; harnessed triggers of intimidation, manipulation, control, anger and threats. These are strategic distractions … Continue reading

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