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Moonlight Soul

On parted lips of moonscape night her supple sojourn beckons midnight A golden brush plunged round with sea her canvas swells segue to haunting harmonies Wave splashed tendrils orchestrate succulent shivers and shoulders splayed while bare heart quenches the blades … Continue reading

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A pendulum between air and a dream.

I hear voices of a thousand, swell to a resplendent tenor abridged by the soot dipped strokes of night a deluge pummels my spent sodden soul. I listen to clandestine cymbals of nature succulent as a rapturous stream. I hear … Continue reading

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My being is draped on the curvature of the moon.

With the rise of the full moon and her pending eclipse, I’m circling in a thick emotional soup. Sounds are distorted. Regular seems inordinately weary. I crave the solace of nothingness. I sleep in tiny patches and my dreams are … Continue reading

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Drift until you find inner peace.

she swam with the sea and wrapped an inky wave around her worn wings the moon’s peace beckoned her ‘shhh, come this way and silently drift… until you find peace.’

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I’d howl at the moon, if I could.

My usual coffee and dark chocolate can’t penetrate the fog I am in. My eyes are slits, burning and itchy all day long. It’s not PMS. I’m not about to start anything on my blessed moon cycle. However, my contemplations … Continue reading

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