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Moonlight Soul

On parted lips of moonscape night her supple sojourn beckons midnight A golden brush plunged round with sea her canvas swells segue to haunting harmonies Wave splashed tendrils orchestrate succulent shivers and shoulders splayed while bare heart quenches the blades … Continue reading

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Pure love can’t be contained.

Speak softly when light dims and darkness is the deepest sea. Be fluent in the hush of your being. Voice kindly when utterances become whale moans; for this is the expression of seaworthy poetry. Sail wide over tropical and into … Continue reading

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Whale moans comfort me

I’m caught between eggplant stained hollyhocks and heavily scented phlox. I’m stuck between left and right and skirt around sun middle daisies. Answers evaporate just on the edges of spinning grass blades. Something deadly — it is a pressure point of … Continue reading

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Why I love.

Things I love… I love the way sunlight escapes and rain permeates and puddles create an imaginary space. How closed eyes see and can smell miles of sea. That half-gaze of sweetness in a starry daydream. I love, quiet mornings … Continue reading

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Maybe tonight….{poetry}

Maybe tonight I’ll linger a little less in the precipice of my thoughts and close my eyes to see. Maybe tonight I’ll hum from an hourglass of timelessness and swim in the sea. I’ll let waves split overhead and breathe … Continue reading

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Remind me how….

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I am the sea.

Nothing is static. Life is ups and downs. Hour by hour, sometimes. And then I close my eyes and become a wave. I touch the shores of an endless beach. I hold the grains of sand and let it wash … Continue reading

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