Stop the Bullying.


Artist: Lila Kozdra

It is imperative to speak out against bullying and to educate. Bullying is an issue of power and control and creates suffocating despair and shame against the person being attacked.

With school starting again, the insidious effects of bullying will weld its ugliness.

It is covert as well as blatant. Kids are afraid to go to school. Parents worry and worse some ignore the real effects of bullying.

Students develop physical symptoms (headaches, stomachaches) from fear and dread. This often interferes with their sleeping and eating. Some become withdrawn, depressed and anxious especially when no one believes in them.

A lack of intervention and support is a death trap and can lead to suicide. I’m not sugarcoating the severity of bullying, I have experienced it.


Stop the bullying. Stop the eye rolls. The condescending tone. Stop whispering as I walk by; those words slice at my heart.

Stop picking on the kid who stands alone. The one with curly hair or straight. The one who’s shy or the one not so smart. Stop hurting them with your meanness.

The one dressed in black.
The one with tattoos.
The one with white hair.

Ask yourself, “What are you afraid of?”

Maybe you’re seeing the tiny, scared part of you.

Your bravado is shallow and cold. I can feel an artic wind rush through.

When did you lose you kindness?
What happens behind the closed doors of your small mind?
Who told you these lies and sadly you believed them?

It’s not building you up; it’s ripping you of humanity.

Stop with the hate.
Stop slamming kids against walls.
Knocking books from their arms.
Tripping them and watching them fall.

Admit it — you are afraid. We all are afraid.

You are bigger in size but I will always stand taller.

I am white. He is black. She is gay. They are trans. My accent is funny. My clothes are hand-me-downs.

So. F–king. What.

My thoughts and words could take you down but you’ve silenced me into fear.

Instead, lend me your hand and feel my heart. It is real.

Stop hurting me.

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About Carolyn Riker

A creative explorer using the magic of imagination, surfing the sea of understanding and finding bridges to connect it all.
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