Rose Soaked Rhapsody

rainy roses in window

Photo: C. Riker

Some moments
feel forever familiar
like rain skimmed pines
my heart aware, first
to quicken my ears
explores my skin
to cathedral wild
I sway absently
forgetting body shy
as if I’m a
rose soaked rhapsody
with rain’s sky.

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Sandstone, Star-birthed Knowing.

Dasha Riley

Photography: Dasha Riley

Just when you think, why?
images are inverted
deep in womb,
there’s a melody
of wind
on the brink
of swirled chemistry
somewhere in-between

Just when you think,
nothing can be birthed,
sparrows emit
from unseen holy
and woodpeckers
on the crook
of the left tree
tap to the timber
of a hollow drumbeat
fully echoing, a discerning…
follow, follow, follow

Just when you think,
the center of quiet, can’t,
you see the periphery of your soul,
a convalescing of you
the exquisite messages
symbiotic to your dreams
and hear yourself
become heartbeat
with breath of earth,
trees robe your pulse
beneath and above the arteries
of your sandstone, star-birthed skies

And you stop.
just to see the feel
the pure of here
of what you already know…
follow, follow, follow
your heart.

Carolyn Riker | Photography: Dasha Riley

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Ordinary sees Extraordinary.

Shelly Cunningham

Artist: Shelly Cunningham

Whiplashed heart
crushed to bare glass blue
to bone’s core
key strokes still fused
with virtual inkblot stares
surreal, is the feel
of feathery parchment
She crafts it to safe sailboat size
and voyages inner tempest
of why
and sees
ordinary people
share their
extraordinary stories
and cries
deep sea blue.


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Late Night’s and Words.

Alex Garant

Artist: Alex Garant

It’s the indigo of soul, raking fingers over words with the sight of an observer yet squeezing a pulse riddled beneath time. Sometimes I get lost remembering what day is overexposed sentimental parabola. I can re-taste the awkward laced aches, cadence of surreal and honeycombed sea spray of tears.

How did the years of late nights stretched feverishly pairing letters into words with only a lamp holding my hand through the sand dunes of my eternal?

Life’s shadows are poetically hammered reflexively through the insights transfixed in my evolutionary tomorrows.

“Keep going,” stabs endless and my thoughts fly over the tracks piercing my fingers; I’m thrown from the jetties into a monstrous avalanche — self-doubt and harpooned worries crush the air escaping intimately from skull’s breath.

I turn the page from a riff of music — black ink dipped notes add buoyancy — a smashed cacophony is sounded from minor to major. Key changes soothe the pressure of critical introspective sharpness.

Some words get stuck at the record’s throat – it’s a black hole. That static ridge of knowing it will never be perfect — let the words go and start again at a Thrush’s song of morning.

Carolyn Riker | Artist: Alex Garant

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Simple Soft Prayers

paula belle flores earth and flowers

Artist: Paula Belle Flores

earth to sky
for all who carry
their heavy
the scares of unknowing
there’s an abyss
of cries
wanting to be heard
not by words
but love
of their being
I send
earth to sky
for all.


Debut book of poetry and prose will be available later this autumn, 2016.

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We’ll Rise.

Seung-Hwan Chung

Artist: Seung-Hwan Chung

Remember, even in the darkest mist, we’ll rise at the crest of stars and the vested moon and surrender to halo of cosmos. Even at the worst of our weary and anguished flesh flooding on the blinks of twilight – we’ll find the chord of treble and clef and anchor the swell smashing against breast. We’ll carve a cave in an hourglass and time will be altered to settle the cells of our soul’s song.

Second collection of poetry and prose, Spring 2017

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Flannel Feels: Kiss of Autumn

Maria & Mug

Photography by: Maria Shanina

Flannel feels
the day
unfolds, messy
into pillowed dreams
crisp air, 
dense greens,
with kiss of autumn
breath slows
eyes wane closed
dozing soft and silent
as rain dances
on still waters
as flannel feels
hold my hands
with pause.

Carolyn Riker | Photography by: Maria Shanina

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